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The Dansol Vision came from the characters of Daniel and Solomon, two youths in the Bible that had wisdom in their generation.
For Daniel, he purposed in his heart to stand out and not defile himself with the "Kings rich food" and God honoured him with wisdom and gave him an Excellent Spirit.
Solomon loved the Lord, desired to please God and worshipped Him from his heart and God honoured him with wisdom and prospered him.
Our motto drawn from the virtues of these two characters is "Wisdom and Excellence"

Dansol is a Christian school where we desire to create an atmosphere and emphasize on Christian values and morals. The students are encouraged and supported to imbibe and live with these values and morals for the rest of their lives. Dansol is cut out to produce the Daniel and Solomon for the 21st century.

We see a new generation built through Dansol. They are the future responsible parents, dedicated teachers, proficient professionals and honest politicians who will positively influence the future of this nation and beyond.

They are inventors and experts who will see after the spirit because they have the spirit of might, counsel, knowledge, understanding and the fear of God (Isaiah 11:1-3). We strongly affirm that the students are for signs and for wonders in Nigeria (Isaiah 8:18).

We also affirm that they shall be taught of the Lord and great shall be their peace (Isaiah 54:13)


Dansol High School was established in October, 1995 and has the following objectives which are in line with the Nigerian national Policy on education :-

To give equal weight and treatment to both the theoretical and   practical aspect of post primary education.

To provide an educational programme which will bring out the potentials in the student which will make him develop into a mature Christian person, conscious of his own worth and dignity.

To develop a Christian character in each student so that he/she will wholly conform and submit to the will of God and Lordship of Jesus Christ.

To encourage humility and productivity in service to God and mankind.

To discourage the self centered, lazy and arrogant attitudes of most secondary school products in Nigeria and build in our students the qualities of diligence, hardwork and service.